Full Day CrossRoads- collage on loose canvas

...I just finished this collage, which I did on a piece of trimmed, UN-stretched canvas. In this I tried to explore more dynamic views of space & its dimensions. Its theme is this new age we find ourselves in, coming and leading from out of our shared bright and complex history. We collide and events coincide in so many way so often & remarkably; I am trying to symbolize this spanned epoch. Next I need to find a nice flat piece of wood to mount it onto.


kids yarn sun burst & old portrait of marlee

....I started this last year and picked it up again recently and got it where I wanted it. Its thin stalks of bamboo I got when I was in Tallahassee, done radially over earth & 'space' colors.

...its based it off of this:
And kind of off-topic,. I was thinking about a portrait I did in '08 of my old musician pal Marlee Flanagan. She wouldn't accept it as a gift. If you're out there Marlee, thanks for the inspiration. I think I either lost it moving, or a girlfriend got jealous and threw it out, which I find to be a shame; I liked it. And I like doing these portraits on granite slabs. I did one for Kaitlin too.


11X14" Mixed Media-Collage,Acrylic, Fabric, Ink

...I took an 11X14" canvas board and did where I wrap it across with dark blue fabric, tacked it down. This started out randomly- I was looking through a cover-less encyclopedia, talking to this girl, kept grabbing pictures of stone buildings, stairs, farmland, and just began piecing them together. I must have taken near ten photos of the arrangements in-progress. But I am happy with it. Its a homestead with atmosphere...


White Walnut Painting

...Another dark shirt stretched over a piece of book-board from an old defunct encyclopedia, & painted on. I was trying to do the white walnut tree, and that particular tree does not have flowers. Actually its pretty boring. So I needed flowers or buds, and found that there is a tree in the white walnut family with these beautiful whitish buds. So its a cross of two types of white walnut trees. After I was done, with just an och-re background, I decided to fade some red from the top, as if dusk...

COLLAGE- Everyone at the crossroads

....Mixed media collage/painting using dark walnut wood varnish, acrylic, and collage on a piece of square board w rounded edges. It is meant to represent a simultaneous gathering of many at crossroads.


My sister shooting a rifle, Painting

...I started this many months ago, and just finished it up. Its my sister shooting a rifle(from a photo). I used two different types of shirt fabric over a piece of book-board for this, then painted her, and the background sky of clouds in after.


'GROW' mind tree Painting

...This is another small/med. sized acrylic I did by tacking some old, dark blue shirt fabric over something; this time a piece of book-board from an old encyclopedia. And another rendition of something I've done before, this time a little bit differently. After I paint and photograph these, I always apply a coat of protective varnish to make sure they will age well.


Star/Bloom Mandala

...I stretched & tacked some old dark blue shirt fabric over a small canvas board, and did this mandala orb on the center.


2008-2012 medium-size acrylic finished

...I started this in 2008, and just completed it. Josh Brown wanted it to be included in his studio@620 show event, 'Mysterium Dilerium' which happens near the 25th this month with more selections by myself and more contributions by Josh himself, and others 
                                  'Gazing To Space' , 2008-2012


3 new Linoleum Block Printings

...Some new Linoleum pressings from my Rampart & Fleur De Li's block. This time I tried to get the boldest impressions I could with a firmer technique and more striking colors...I did about three or four.    


Leisure Driver

....I did this piece somewhat recently; old shirt fabric stuck to a piece of book-board, with more recycled fabric from other shirts - and the chick cruising in her convertible inked in over top. I debated leaving it sort of rustic-looking or highlighting some areas in her and the car, or possibly filling in some background with paint.....but Kaitlin advised me that it looked good as is. She went on saying that she thinks I tend to overpopulate my spaces, so I took that into consideration, and left it; sort of as an experiment in restraint and simplicity. Its rough in some regard, but I think it still works overall and am happy with it.