11X14" Mixed Media-Collage,Acrylic, Fabric, Ink

...I took an 11X14" canvas board and did where I wrap it across with dark blue fabric, tacked it down. This started out randomly- I was looking through a cover-less encyclopedia, talking to this girl, kept grabbing pictures of stone buildings, stairs, farmland, and just began piecing them together. I must have taken near ten photos of the arrangements in-progress. But I am happy with it. Its a homestead with atmosphere...


White Walnut Painting

...Another dark shirt stretched over a piece of book-board from an old defunct encyclopedia, & painted on. I was trying to do the white walnut tree, and that particular tree does not have flowers. Actually its pretty boring. So I needed flowers or buds, and found that there is a tree in the white walnut family with these beautiful whitish buds. So its a cross of two types of white walnut trees. After I was done, with just an och-re background, I decided to fade some red from the top, as if dusk...

COLLAGE- Everyone at the crossroads

....Mixed media collage/painting using dark walnut wood varnish, acrylic, and collage on a piece of square board w rounded edges. It is meant to represent a simultaneous gathering of many at crossroads.


My sister shooting a rifle, Painting

...I started this many months ago, and just finished it up. Its my sister shooting a rifle(from a photo). I used two different types of shirt fabric over a piece of book-board for this, then painted her, and the background sky of clouds in after.


'GROW' mind tree Painting

...This is another small/med. sized acrylic I did by tacking some old, dark blue shirt fabric over something; this time a piece of book-board from an old encyclopedia. And another rendition of something I've done before, this time a little bit differently. After I paint and photograph these, I always apply a coat of protective varnish to make sure they will age well.


Star/Bloom Mandala

...I stretched & tacked some old dark blue shirt fabric over a small canvas board, and did this mandala orb on the center.


2008-2012 medium-size acrylic finished

...I started this in 2008, and just completed it. Josh Brown wanted it to be included in his studio@620 show event, 'Mysterium Dilerium' which happens near the 25th this month with more selections by myself and more contributions by Josh himself, and others 
                                  'Gazing To Space' , 2008-2012


3 new Linoleum Block Printings

...Some new Linoleum pressings from my Rampart & Fleur De Li's block. This time I tried to get the boldest impressions I could with a firmer technique and more striking colors...I did about three or four.