Full Day CrossRoads- collage on loose canvas

...I just finished this collage, which I did on a piece of trimmed, UN-stretched canvas. In this I tried to explore more dynamic views of space & its dimensions. Its theme is this new age we find ourselves in, coming and leading from out of our shared bright and complex history. We collide and events coincide in so many way so often & remarkably; I am trying to symbolize this spanned epoch. Next I need to find a nice flat piece of wood to mount it onto.


kids yarn sun burst & old portrait of marlee

....I started this last year and picked it up again recently and got it where I wanted it. Its thin stalks of bamboo I got when I was in Tallahassee, done radially over earth & 'space' colors.

...its based it off of this:
And kind of off-topic,. I was thinking about a portrait I did in '08 of my old musician pal Marlee Flanagan. She wouldn't accept it as a gift. If you're out there Marlee, thanks for the inspiration. I think I either lost it moving, or a girlfriend got jealous and threw it out, which I find to be a shame; I liked it. And I like doing these portraits on granite slabs. I did one for Kaitlin too.