Two Mixed Media Pieces. Twilight-Taker & Insight To A Blessing.

Two mixed media pieces, one new, the other older but still yet-unposted. The first is called Twilight-Taker. Its on a small/medium canvas. Inspired by the sunsets here in HI, or the moments before. I just got my art area setup going so hopefully there will be more soon.

The 2nd piece is also mixed media but from 2011. It's cloth over book-board with acrylic and collage.
 Insight To A Blessing. I had it for sale in the shop but don't remember it selling, then they closed and who knows where it is now.There's a glare on this only image I have of it, but I really liked it. Ah, well...Art is not eternal.


Morning Glories Impression

Something I've been working on for the past few weeks. Morning Glories. An impression.

After this drawing:

Muse, Portugal

I'm posting this here because I can't put it on Artwanted.com as they informed me it violates their nudity rules. I did this in 2007-08, and it sold around 2012, if I remember correctly. I might be wrong.